Latish Update

03 Dec
Latish Update

I would kind of like to upload the blog with some misc. news on my projects/progress reports. Well, it’s been almost three weeks now, hasn’t it? First off: real life stuff, secondly: Jak and Daxter and Prelude of Identity.

I finally uploaded the hidden/optional bosses of CO3! If you missed it, check out this video I made for it:

I did work on my new game quite a lot two weeks ago, but took a small break last week to catch up with some other stuff. ATM, I’m currently focusing on the mapping in my name game. Here, have at you!

Vaarte Beach Southern Field 1 Southern Field 2 Southern Field 3 Western Field 1

The field maps are taking forever since there are many of them and some are quite big. This one for example:

Eastern Fields Editor Basis

The game will have for field areas: a southern , a western, an eastern and a northern part. What you see above is the eastern part. Heh, it almost looks more like a river! The reason why it’s quite big is because I wanted to have the whole area as one part, since it tends to give a slightly bigger feel to it (it feels a bit easier for me to map as well in this case).

I will probably upload the complete map for the eastern field once I’m done with it. A free mapping tip from the mango: always start with the basis. Map out all of the A-tiles the first thing you do. In general I always find it easier to focus on one thing at the time. Nowadays, I usually start off with the cliffs and then get started with the ground.

All in all, this is most of the stuff I’ve been working on lately. Prelude of Identity was a pretty awesome game and left me with lots of inspirations for game ideas. I liked the simplicity to it (you don’t need faces, 8+ playable characters, 500 skills etc.) Too bad the sequel can’t be downloaded due to the dead DL sites (and forums). If you haven’t played PoI, then you definitely should at least give a go! I can assure that it’s worth the play!

Guess I’ll see guys next time (on Sunday, hopefully) then! Have a good one!

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